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Since launch (February 2019) 52 users got more privacy and a cleaner inbox.

Have control over your email again

At how many different services have you created an account with your email address? 50? 100? It's likely a lot. And how do they treat that data? Do they sell your email to advertisement companies? Was their service ever hacked? In quite a lot of cases the answer is likely a sound “yes”. Even without you knowing it.

Well… except for the inbox overload. Take a look at your inbox. How much percent is real genuine email from someone you know? How much is just plain spam? How many are notifications, product updates or newsletters?

“I want an inbox with email sent by real people only!”
  1. Unlimited aliases for every service, product and webshop

  2. Emails can be forwarded or categorised in your Faruno inbox

  3. Your current inbox isn't a drag to work with anymore

Your inbox mess can be a thing from the past

I like you to take back control over your inbox. Leave all notifications, newsletters and product updates in your Faruno inbox and say hello to your new clean inbox. Faruno gives you a unique new email account with unlimited aliases, so you can signup for every service with a different email.

You can opt-in to have every email forwarded to you or only for certain aliases. Forwarded emails are automatically removed from your Faruno inbox. Keep your emails in your inbox forever or set to have them removed after a few days. Has a service been breached or do you got a lot of spam on certain alias? Simply block that alias and never be bothered by it again.


$29 year

  • Take control of your privacy
  • Keep your personal inbox clean, spam-free and without clutter
  • Custom and private email address
  • Create unlimited aliases
  • Forward emails to your personal inbox
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